By Nsan Ndoma-Neji, Calabar

The spiritual head of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, BCS, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, on Tuesday warned politicians in Nigeria to desist from engaging themselves in corrupt practices, or be prepared to face the consequences of such acts.

Obu also warned against making inciting comments that might drag the nation to civil unrest or be prepare to face God’s wrath.

Obu issued the warning during an interactive session with journalists in Calabar, charging politicians in high places of authority not indulge in corrupt practices or be ready to face doom.

He said, “Political leaders at all levels of governance in Nigeria should be mindful of their actions or be ready to face the consequences that await them.

“Nigeria is the physical abode of God and a nation after God’s heart, therefore, all those fanning the embers of disunity, violence and those who perpetrate corruption should know that the wrath of God shall soon come upon them.”

Obu stressed that in the light of disagreements and resistance of divergent views of the people by politicians, eminent dangers awaits perpetrators of evil, advising them to be ready to face the consequences that comes with the malaise.

He added, “The tears and sufferings of ordinary citizens has risen to the throne of God and no more shall God allow thieves and robbers swindle the collective wealth of this nation.”

Giving an insight into some of the virtues necessary for national leadership, Obu stressed that those who do the opposite shall face doom.

He said, “Politicians should know that peace emanates from an individual’s place of humility, tolerance, forgiveness, forbearance and the willingness to forgo possessions or pains for the sake of peace.

“Therefore, political leaders must be ready to forgive, tolerate divergent opinion and respect each other. With the divine numbering of the elect event, any leader who perpetrates violence and corruption for selfish gains shall face the wrath of God.”


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