Dr. Qazeem Olawale, also popularly referred to as Dr. Olaking, is a naturopathic medical expert cum biochemist of Nigerian descent. An innovative and creative acupuncturist, Olawale is the brain behind the cutting-edge Olaking International Holistic Medicine Company, located in Lagos State and the Federal Capital territory, FCT, Abuja Nigeria, who shares an insight into the best possible solution to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic in this interview. Excerpts:

What is your position on the treatment of COVID -19? Do you think the solution lies in orthodox medicine or alternative medicine/herbs?

My position on treatment of COVID-19 has not changed to any other than using a system of integrative medicine, where all that is good will be done to the patients when and where necessary. More importantly, the fundamental principles of natural medicine in relation to curing diseases or germs states that a cure will only be achieved by increasing the vital energy within, optimizing the immune system, purifying the blood stream, removing the morbid matters from the body through the organs of elimination, and modulating local inflammation in tissues in order to recruit specific antibodies against the disease.

I really want the Federal Government to look into my product specifically designed to cure COVID-19 and other related diseases. The remedy, CLETOX, is a liquid herbal mixture of more than ten Nigerian herbs having, Euphorbia unispina, as one of the major active ingredients. What’s more, the remedy is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, antipyretic, expectorant, analgesic, depurative, antibiotic and detoxicant.

CLETOX will pass through the mouth, oesophagus to reach the stomach; then small intestine where it’s absorption into the blood stream will take place thus reaching its receptor site.

CLETOX contains, opuntia spp., which has the ability to inhibit intracellular virus replication and inactive extracellular virus. It also has phytochemical components that are invaluable, among which is much soluble fibre that helps create a gel that may improve digestion in number of ways. It will also improve bowel function, passing out morbid and toxic matters from within.

When it gets to the liver, through the portal vein from the small intestine, Phase 1 reactions of drug metabolism commences resulting in its conversion to a more polar molecule. Phase II reactions involve conjugation by coupling the drug or its metabolites to another molecule. The Pharmacology of CLETOX maybe studied extensively in order to determine its effects and mechanism of action.

CLETOX treatment protocol and guidelines for COVID-19 are in four phases and they are as follows; Prevention Phase: which indicates the absence of the virus or simply when an individual is not infected yet; CLETOX will serve to boost the immune system, recruit specific antibodies against the virus and will also alleviate any related underlying health issues; Early Phase: characterized by the initial and incubation period of the virus, or simply the penetration of the virus into the walls lining the respiratory tract characterized by little or no symptoms; CLETOX will do same as in preventive phase, and will increase body’s vitality in order to fight and eliminate the virus; Clinical Treatment Phase: this is the critical phase at which the victim is highly symptomatic or simply, the victim becomes pneumoniac with high fever; CLETOX will do same as in early phase but at higher dosages and in more critical condition, aromatherapy will be done by adding, Mentha aromaticum and Syzygium Aromaticum to CLETOX and during severe acute respiratory condition, where use of ventilator may be required, CLETOX will be used to massage deeply and frequently, the reflexology points for lung and trachea at both soles, also, application of all that is good is needful at this stage to restore the victims health; and Recovery Phase: where the infected individual had recovered from the virus and left with little or no symptoms; at this stage, CLETOX will do same as in preventive phase, alleviate all possible symptoms and prevent re-infection.

The Federal Government has agreed to import an herbal remedy from Madagascar. What is your position on this? Are you not ashamed that despite the high no of alternative medicine practitioners in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari does not deem it fit to look inward?

Uneasy they say lies the head that bears the crown. In as much as we are challenged with this virus and the world has been in a state of pandemonium for months now, the search for a reliable cure or preventive measure will continue. It’s just reasonable to believe that the importation of Madagascar’s herbal remedy is aimed to help Nigerians overcome the spread of the virus and mitigate the symptoms associated. Matter-of-factly, it is also a good development that the government is heeding our long-standing call for integrative medicine approach in the fight against the virus. On account of that, I so much commend the effort of our president for such a move.

However, it’s sad that Madagascar now takes the lead in search for cure of COVID-19, using indigenous herbs. Long before COVID Organics came, we pleaded with the Federal Government to recognize the traditional medicine in the fight against COVID-19 and other deadly diseases.

We are giants of Africa and we should be the one leading in innovative and integrative ways of attending to problems like this. We have more than what Madagascar has in all ways and we have more than what is required to cure this disease in no time, if we really want to. It’s high time we embraced our indigenous herbs, otherwise we would not be helping ourselves healthwise and economy wise.

The World Health Organisation, WHO, said more than 70 alternative medicine practitioners across Africa have agreed to subject their remedies to clinical test, are Nigeria’s alternative medicine practitioners ready to do the same?

Yes of course, we’re ever ready to do the same. We are in this situation all together and we surely want to help our people too. Of course, this is not the first time we would be telling the masses that nature has cure for all that affects our body system, but this kind of support speaks volume to the wide acceptability of our call. With a synergy like this, it will bring forth more standard which will enable us to sieve the shaft away from the substance, making the business of health primarily based not on making money but that of saving lives and empathising with those with ailments of different kinds. Lastly, with WHO support, rest assured that we would find standards in our traditional healthcare management system.

Going forward in the fight against the COVID -19 what is your advice to the Federal Government?

My advice to the Federal Government is to believe more in our expertise, call us to come forth to defend our claims, and put strict guidelines and regulations to herbal medicine but ease the processes. This will improve our health care system to help more patients overcome their health issues, especially those thought to be incurable.


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