By Wale Ojo-Lanre

Shame on the Inspector General of Police, IGP, for the summary dismissal of the police officer caught on live video justifying solicitation for a bribe.

The IGP has just created an armed robber or a ‘Consultant-in-Chief,’ C-i-C, for criminals.

How will the man take care of his family?
Someone who has been trained in the act of weaponry, one who has mingled with crime and criminals and now dismissed, having nothing to do is not only a danger to the society, but his dismissal is an act of sabotage by the IGP.

If the IGP and his team have good intentions for the country, there is a beneficial approach to this – the police officer in question could have been demoted; or be paraded on the platforms of the Nigerian Police, as an example of an officer and as deterrent to others like him; or be redeployed to an insignificant duty post, with a caveat of not to be promoted for certain number of years; or be denied various opportunities.

But, to just wake up from sleep, make a mess of him on national television and dismissed him into the concrete jungle of criminals at this point when Nigeria is under the siege of bandits, is a calculated saboteur act by the IG, to increase the flank, rank and order of criminals in Nigeria.

The IGP must be punished.
Total rubbish

•Ojo-Lanre, a journalist and upcoming lawyer, writes from Usi Ekiti.


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