By Hon Ikelebe Solomon
I want to simply highlight the rich profile of our dear governorship aspirant, Bishop Akhalamhe, as a man who is loved by his people and a man whose words are heeded in the assembly of his people.
As an accountant, Bishop Akhalamhe had stood out to be very outstanding is his profession. Very apt and outspoken against economic moribund caused by the greedy, self-centered, moneygràbbing and avid politicians in our dear state and in Nigeria at large, Akhalamhe is a man of high repute in the community, and Bishop had supported the lives of the masses and also helped in actualising their dreams.
During the 2016 governorship election in Edo State, Bishop Akhalamhe contested under the People For Democratic Change, PDC, and emerged third amongst the numbers of candidates that aspired for the number one seat in the state.
Again, in 2020 Bishop Akhalamhe is aspiring for the position of the state governor under the reputable party, PDC. People had seen him as a man who can deliver this state from the shackles of bad governance.
A very accommodating, accountable and friendly personality, whose virtues can be attested to by all who knows him, Akhalamhe is a philanthropist, a mentor, and a man who had lifted the souls of mankind in the society today.
It’s obvious that other political parties that had ruled and the one ruling now has failed us, disappointed us, shamed us and showed us that our interest is not their priority, rather themselves and their families.
It is therefore time to welcome a new hand into the affairs of Edo State and Bishop Akhalamhe is the man of the people, who knows the rudiments of governance.
A man who doesn’t play politics with the lives of the people. A man who believes there’s hope for the common man.
Akhalamhe is the man that can do the job. To better the lives of the people, to create jobs for the people, to lift the youths of the state.
Let us all join hands in taking our dear Edo State to the pedestal of good governance by voting Bishop Akhalamhe as governor of Edo State come the election day.


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