By Wale Ojo-Lanre 

I don’t know why I am proud of him. A man of prodigious anointment from God.

He is a rare man of God, who God in His infinite mercy, raised from being a mere mechanic – the repairer of damaged cars and vehicles – to be the repairer of spiritually damaged souls.

Healer of plagued spirits. His prayers break the chains of evil. His words disentangle those shackled.

Reformer and healer of a wounded spirit; this humble man of God is down to earth.

I remember meeting him at Jordan Airport, on his way from London. He was in a business class and I was in the economy. Baba left the business class and planted himself beside me; yes, in the economy class!

And when I introduced him to Mr Dele Alake, who was in the same aircraft and business class with him, Baba bowed, as Bra Dele bowed to greet him.

He refused my offer to carry his bag and with no fuss of being so blessed by God, he remembered to look out for me after he collected his luggage from the conveyor, and said, ‘Okun o Wale, mo ti re Erio.’ (Wale, all is well; I am off to Erio Ekiti).

God bless this man of God, who stays in the new Jerusalem – Ori Oke Erio. May the blessing of our Lord be with us all.


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