By Kayode Omojolomoju

As the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, and Group Managing Director of Immaculate Group, Reverend Dr. Philip Bukola Oyewale, PBO, is a force to reckon with and an inspiration to all aspiring men of God and business entrepreneurs.

Popularly referred to as PBO – ( his initials – by his diverse congregation and mentees, Reverend Oyewale is an ordained thoroughbred cleric.

Having been called to the ministry for about three decades, PBO has taken his calling beyond just service to God and humanity, but has continuously acquired knowledge in theology, to be well informed to better serve his congregation and all those who he cross path with.

PBO, the Senior Pastor of the Pentecost Baptist Church, Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, UK, studied Theology at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso and went on to obtain a Master and PhD degrees in Theology from the prestigious University of Liverpool, UK.

His avid understanding of biblical studies brings depth and diverse perspectives to his teachings. Whether teaching in person, on the radio, TV, social media or in his many books, PBO displays a style that is modern, fresh, humble, and a flair that is uncommon, but radiates humility and unwavering zeal to serve humanity.

It is his desire and attributes to serve his community that motivated PBO to enroll at the Rock Training Institute, London, where he bagged a Diploma in Health and Social Care.

PBO is an avid investor, who has touched the lives of many through his numerous businesses.

Immaculate Group, the holding company for his several investments, has full stakes in several companies in diverse fields, including: television, radio, hotel, transportation service, microfinance bank, travel and tours and educational consultancy services, bottle and sachet water production, to mention a few.

When he’s not on the pulpit teaching or ministering to his congregation, PBO is in the boardroom, strategizing with board members and management team on how to grow his investments.

His charming attitude, people-skill and ability to see opportunities where others don’t, has set him apart from his contemporaries and attributed to the growth and success of his many business ventures.

PBO specialized care recruitment services provide care giver training, relocation services and personnel support services to the healthcare industry in the UK.

PBO’s businesses continue to touch lives in positive ways and there is no doubt that the Immaculate Group will continue to grow in leaps and bounds, under his charismatic leadership.

PBO’s leadership and servant skill is uncommon in this modern age. He is always available to counsel, mentor and motivate his congregation.

He operates an open-door policy, which always makes him available to and accessible by his congregation and personnel. He is always happy to help, even when not convenient.

He believes in service to humanity and lives it everyday in his dealings with people around him.

When not preaching, traveling, or making business deals, PBO spends his time with his family. He lives true to his calling that after God, family is the ultimate.

He continues to be a loving father to his basic social unit, the church congregation, company personnel and the community at large.


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