Twenty days after 17-year-old Hansa’u was forced into marriage, her sex-starved 30-year-old husband, Alasan Audu, who was denied sex by his newly-wed teenage spouse, gave vent to his anger by subjecting her to breathless and fatal sexual romp in Kankarelu, Jigawa State, leading to her death.

Sex-starved horny Audu had raped his wife, to death, barely 20 days after their wedding, which the teenage wife was forced into by her parents.

Chen Audu made sexual advances to his wife, who had  another man she wanted to marry before her parents forcefully betrothed her to Audi, she repudiated, leading an angry and hunky Audu to launch sexual assaults on her and raped her severally until she breathed her last.

Confirming the incident, the Jigawa State Police Command spokesman, SP Abdu Jinjiri, said the incident occurred on April 21, adding that the girl was taken to the hospital, where she was confirmed dead by a medical doctor.

He added that her body has been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Jinjiri said, “Audu will face a charge of murder, which attracts life imprisonment as soon as investigations are concluded.’’


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