By Nsan Ndoma-Neji, Calabar

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, has again further given reasons for his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, saying its was the only way to connect the state, which monthly allocation is low to the centre.

Addressing APC faithful who came visiting him at the Give rnor’s Office on Thursday evening, who gained entrance into the Governor’s office Calabar, in company of Ayade’s former political rival, Senator John Owan Enoh, to welcome him into the APC fold, the governor stated that his reasons for joining the APC were germaine.

Ayade stated that the state cannot continue to play opposition given its irrelevant status, especially now that the country is suffering serious financial difficulties, stressing that it was appropriate for the state to properly connect with the centre.

Ayade said, “How can a minority, insignificant, with one of the lowest income, with most educated people be in opposition. With every day fighting, when you can sit together on a round table and negotiate and bring value?”

The governor stressed that its unfortunate for a cabal, who had for many years, held the state to ransome continue to do so casting blame on him for moving to the APC.

He averred that Ayade his intention to give young people the opportunity to serve is the reason for expansion of government.

He added, “If I didn’t expand government, you would have seen what would have happen to this state. Just imagine, 38,000 people, let me take their names off from the pay roll, and you will have cannibalism in the state.”

The governor stated that he did his home work properly before moving to the APC, stressing that he did a lot of consultation before moving to the ruling party.

He averred that he has taken his time to study President Muhammadu Buhari’s attitude, character, and behavior before taking a bold step to join the APC.

He insisted that despite the abundant mineral resources like crude oil in Ikom, Odukpani, Biase, Ogoja and gas in Yala local government areas of the state, it lacked the enormous financial resources to embark on exploitation of the mineral resources.

Ayade insisted that it was good for the state to socket and connect itself to the centre than sit down to jubilate each time foreigners and bandits attack Nigerians that APC has failed.

He further chastised those who jubilate because police stations and innocent citizens are attacked by wicked individuals, stressing that anyone who jubilate whenever he knows such attacks can make the country go down is a wicked individual.


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