By Nsan Ndoma-Neji, Calabar

The paramount ruler of Ikom Local Government Area, His Royal Majesty Minen Takon Atangba, who was sworn-in along side two other paramount rulers of Akamkpa and Obudu yesterday assured the state government of his preparedness to ensure that disputes which are likely to lead to outbreak of civil unrest in this domain would be given priority attention.

The monarch made this known during a question and answer session 8n a telephone conversation with our correspondent, shortly after receiving his staff of office from Governor Bassey Edet Otu of Cross River State at the weekend.

Atangba stated that constant engagement with communities’ stakeholders in town hall meetings, brainstorming in roundtable discussions, peace can be achieved and crises averted.

Among issues which the Ikom monarch vowed to give priority attention to is the safety of lives and property which he said is dear to his heart, adding that nothing can be difficult to achieve if engagement is done with the right audience.

The paramount ruler averred that the era of outbreak of violence in communities as a result of communal clashes, which erupt during planting seasons would now become a thing of the past.

He said, “Crises can be managed. We will collaborate with local government authority, communities’ stakeholders to avert these crises.

“We will brainstorm at round table discussion, and at town hall meetings until agreement is reached and way forward is found in place of taking to arms.

“We will do justices to parties involved, by falling back on land documents, history and argument surrounding the parcel of land from men of proven integrity. We have them in almost all the communities in my domain.

“I and my council of chiefs will plead with the disputing parties by telling them that who the original owners of the piece of land are, especially if the land in question has documents.

“Of course if history and proper documents about a parcel of land are made available, the disputing party will concede.

“We will leverage on the good side of any issue which is likely to create tension. You see, once an issue is presented in a very credible manner, you weigh the options and pick the side that brings benefit and you implement it.

“I will collaborate with all the groups residing in my domain to ensure that peace reigns in the land. Most especially the non-indigenes who had peacefully co-existed with us in ikom Local Government Area for some decades now.

“Of course, you know non-indigenes residing with us in Ikom can contribute to issues that can lead to peaceful co-existence. We have Hausas, Ibos,Y oruba and others residing in Ikom, doing business. Their inputs too can be useful if need be.”


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