A 32 year old man, Babajide Akinsanya, has been arrested by the Osun State Police for shooting his landlord to death, while his wife sustained life threatening injuries.

It was said that Akinsaya caught his wife and landlord on his matrimonial bed when he got back just after three hours of leaving home for work.

Confessing to the crime, the suspect said he doesn’t care what happens or what the consequences of his action is, saying, “I have been suspecting my wife and the landlord for about a month now, so I decided to come back home earlier, when I saw a text message my wife sent to a number saying ‘by 11:00AM.’

“I got in through the kitchen door and went straight to my room, where I caught them naked; this is a person my wife do complain about that she so much dislike, not knowing she was saying otherwise.

“I’m ready to face the law, I really don’t care what happens at this time.”


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