By Vanessa Okwara

Natural hair can be hard and difficult to comb no matter how much oil used on it.

To keep your hair feeling soft, looking glossy and growing quickly, you need to retain moisture in the hair strand.

The key is in the word ‘moisturise’. No matter how ‘stubborn’ your natural hair is, it can be tendered over time with adequate deep conditioning and moisture.

Follow these two steps to always make your natural hair soft, shiny and healthy:

Moisturise correctly:

Here’s a simple fix! Fill a spray bottle with water and spritz into your hair a few times a day. Use daily spritz once or twice every day. A mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin will do. So toss that mini spray bottle of water in your purse, and you and your hair are good to go.

Don’t joke with deep conditioning

Doing the deep conditioning, DC, regularly changes the texture of your hair, makes it softer and more manageable. Deep conditioning with natural products is the way to go for naturalistas. There are so many methods of doing this. You can get an African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise or you can also mix olive oil, mayonnaise, shea butter, coconut oil, honey and tea tree oil.

After mixing your DC ingredient, apply it all over your hair and cover with a plastic bag before and then a satin bonnet or scarf. You can sit under a dryer for about for about thirty minutes to one hour or just leave it on for about one hour.


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