A pastor with the Christ Embassy Church, Biodun Lawal, has said that heaven is ashamed of Christians and pastors who wear face masks to church.

In a viral video, the pastor, based in the church’s branch in Ghana, said it is a shame to wear face mask in the presence of God.

Berating mask Wearers to church, Lawal described them as spiritual babies.

He said, “If you still want to wear a mask, wear it, but do not call yourself a man of God.

“He is a baby of God. We can’t even call you son. You are a baby of God.

“Son is too high. We can’t even call you child of God. You can frown if you like.

“I have seen some people wearing mask to pray inside church.

“Heaven is ashamed of you. Inside the house of God, you wear mask and you are praying to God?”


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