By Emmanuel Alabi, Esq

The God who saw us this far through the lockdown ocassioned by the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 pandemic, will not abandon us. We will surely come out stronger, better, wiser and smarter.

But start thinking, innovating and planning because post-COVID-19 (life after COVID-19) will be a different ball game; the way we work, do business, do relationship, do banking, run family, etc, will change. New policies and ideas will emerge. Your life will surely change.

Many will certainly lose their jobs without a doubt. Someone may ask why? Because employers would have discovered that they don’t really need their services.

While you are getting worried about your hunger and frustration, your employers are thinking of what to do with you after the COVID-19. Directors in various companies and businesses are holding strategic meetings on what to do or on how to come out stronger, including what to do with you which may include sacking you!

If I were you, instead of giving myself a headache for the things I can’t control I will start thinking of what I have control over, like: your thinking; your mouth; eyes; your ears; and definitely the state of your mind, among others.

Think of who you will become after COVID-19; a victim or a victor; a liability or an asset; a creator or a parasite; a frustrated person or a joy giver; a knife or a wife; a dead entity or one full of life, dreams, hope, and expectations?

Think differently today and start preparing for life post-COVID-19.

Be careful who and what you listen to this period. Lock yourself up and hold a board meeting with you, yourself and God, don’t come out until you have received something praise worthy.

One way to help your mind and make you have a productive mindset is to answer the question below:

Imagine if this will continue till December 31st, 2020, what will happen to you, your family, your business, your ministry, your finance, your marriage or relationship, what will happen to your parent?

All this will pass no matter how long it will last, but what testimony will you give? How were you able to impact people’s life? Do you see the blessings in this lockdown? Are you just complaining and wallowing in self pity? If Christ should come today what will He meet you doing? Think of all these and take the opportunity in the lockdown. God bless you all.

•Alabi, a legal practitioner, writes from Oba – Akoko in Ondo State.


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