By Eseme Sunday Eyiboh

I join the thousands of well meaning Nigerians and global citizens, to felicitate with our beloved state, Akwa Ibom and her people, on the 35th anniversary of her creation since 1987.

For us, the story that found our collective pride as a people, is a chronicle of evidently progressive events, a testament of dedication and perseverance, written through the pages of faith, confidence and self belief, that we can always be more beyond what people say and do.

For me, it is a crusade of memories, a moment to reflect on where we came from, and the begging realities staring us in the face, unwinding the immeasurable results of our common efforts, that speak louder than we could sound, the successful steps of our journeys thus far.

Going forward, the text of our concern is the sheer dedication and demonstrated commitment of successive leaderships, from the dare moments of the military, to the soothing era of democracy, the multiplicities of our people’s abilities, the beauty in our collective and individual wins, the pride in our God-given strength, unity and our geographical architecture that glows the excellence of our natural and commonwealth. Yes! we are a blessed people.

Thirty five years is quite a long time, we have held on the strengths in our diversities is far and still coming.

His Excellency the governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, has on the path of his predecessors held the torch of sustainability in the last seven years, and this is worth the commendation. History will have to remind us all tomorrow our deliberate efforts towards perfecting the Canaan journey of our dear state, our common project of driving global development of our human and material resources from here, the social task of growing our community of dependable successors in our youths, and the contract of ensuring that all sides of our state enjoy the benefit of statehood.

It is a journey still far ahead, yet we must appreciate our resilience and industry in the times.

I pray our light as the land of promise stays illuminated, and that as a people, we enjoy the best of our democratic, social and cultural dividends to sustain our enterprise development pedigree.

•Rt. Hon. Eyiboh, the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate for Eket/Onna/Esit Eket/Ibeno federal constituency for the 2023 National Assembly election, writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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