By Nsan Ndoma-Neji, Calabar

A law enforcement officer with Nigerian Police, ACP Dashuwar Tepnyakas, has advanced reasons why he published a book on “Police and Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria,’ which would help readers equip themselves with knowledge on criminal justice.

He said that the initiative was to share to curious readers the police’s dogma and values, saying that publishing the book was the only avenue to share experiences gained at the Police Training Institute, where he was posted to acquire more policing skill.

ACP Dashuwar gave his reasons during a telephone conversation yesterday with our correspondent, days after launching a 280-page book titled, ‘Police and Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria.’

Tepnyakas stated that as a police personnel, a lot of challenges were bound to be faced, once an officer is posted to the Police Training Institute, adding that perseverance of an officer is the only tool to surmount the challenges that shows at the training institute.

The former Squadron Commander, 11 Police Mobile Force Calabar, stated that he shared the experience gained from the time he joined the force up to date to inspire younger officers in their journey as police officers.

He said, “The officers always consider particular posting as punishment. PTI is somehow synonymous with punishment.”

Upon resumption of duties at the Staff College in Jos, Plateau State, as a Law Instructor, he met staff of the college, who were demoralized and often lamented about their posting.

On how he got the motivation to convert his ideas into writing the book, ACP Dashuwar said that the motivation came from the experience and norm that police officers go through whenever they are posted to the Police Training Institute.

He added, “The officers always consider that particular posting as a punishment. PTI is somehow synonymous with punishment grounds. They always ask themselves, ‘who have I offend’?”

He said that the conceptualization for the book came during his period of lamentation and self reflection, adding that he decided to do something meaningful by developing himself academically.

The ACP stated that he had no option than to enroll at the University of Jos for a Ph.D program in Law, stressing that the book that he launched is his thesis which he has upgraded to standard as book.

He urged young officers posted to the Police Training Institute to be inspired by his experience, utilized the opportunity by engaging in scholarly endeavors, rather than wallow self pity and lamentations.


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