By Wale Ojo-Lanre

This lady brand journalist has a problem!
Who will save her from this?
I think only God can rescue this Ijesa lady, the daughter of the late Bishop. Dr . Olapade Agoro from this natural tangle.

Yes, this glamorous journalist has a problem; a problem which only a few of us have noticed in her for some years now.

I am sure, Eni Akinsola and Gbenga Sonoiki too must have observed this natural problem, which God specifically injected into the life of this charming lady, but they, cruelly, kept mute.

Maybe God can use you to liberate her from this fate-based quagmire.

Yes, Adeola Agoro is in deep personal trouble; a pathological problem, which is innate and inborn, but that daily torments her.

But do you know her at all? Look at her picture very well.
You must know her; unless you are not into strict journalism, nor a buff of brand journalism and media packaging.

Adeola Agoro, one of the best few diligent journalists we have in Nigeria, who will not betray her clients, neither for money nor solid gold!
A journalist who you can keep your secret with and sleep off.
Faithful to her client and loyal to whoever engages her, she is a dependable graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria.
The only lady journalist who has performed the two holy visits to Mecca/ Medina and Jerusalem!
The seasoned and baked journalist, who entered into the consciousness of the nation with her unputdownable society columns in some notable national newspapers in Nigeria.

Adeola is a knowledgeable, experienced, diligent and dutiful media practitioner, who has refused to paddle the canoe of fake news, half-truths, malicious, sensational and destructive journalism.

Adeola is beautiful, not only in physical contraption, but in mental capacity and with unassailable integrity..

Hence, she oozes and embodies beautiful ideas, wonderful thoughts, amazing deeds, splendid acts and unbridled pleasantness.

Adeola is also blessed
with a divine aura of success and accomplishment in whatever endeavour or anything she lays her hand on!

She is a precision goal-getter, whose aura is positive and developmental. She always succeeds where others fail.

Give Ms Agoro any assignment, she will execute the said assignment beyond your imagination.
Her network is not only national but global with intercontinental mileage

Adeola Agoro with her gang can network your brand into the consciousness of millions of people within a wink of an eye.

Delectable, and affectionate, she employs her charming face with an efficacious smile in any verbal and physical contact.
Agoro is decent, approachable, sensible, reliable responsible, reasonable and always stooping low to learn

But that is where the beauty stops; Adeola Agoro has a problem,
I am not talking about or delving into her issue bordering on matrimonial causes;
I am pointing out to the world her patent inability to know the border of being too nice.

Ms Agoro has an awesomely large heart that accommodates whoever crosses her path.

Always ready to open her home, her heart and means to ensure that someone in need smiles away; Ms Agoro always goes the extra mile to ease the pains of others, even when those she is struggling to comfort keep stabbing her in the back!

‌She neither knows how to say ‘no,’ nor turns down any obligation she feels capable of offering. Ms Agoro is generous to a fault. And typically, her unbridled generosity is daily being exploited and abused by ingrate benefactors.

‌And as if she has been cursed, any attempt at cautioning her from being too good to idiots, being too nice to an ingrates, being too pleasant to wolves in disguise, always stoke the Ijesa stubbornness in her.

‌She believes that one should not allow the mere display of ingratitude of some fools to lead to disconnecting or uprooting of the goodwill tree in one’s heart.

Ms Agoro believes that consistency in helping others will shore up one heavenly mark as if she has been to heaven before.

‌I just hope that one day, God Almighty will cure her of the act and acts of doing good to everyone, even to her potential enemies. ‌I hope she will realise that ‘oore ni’won…kare oo.

Ùjèsà omo aponoda
Omo a jo gb’eru, ma jo gb’eko
Eru ni sini, eko kii sinniyan!

Your goodness will always stand for you where your detractors hold court against you!

‌Relax and be happy. ‌You have no problem!

‌•Ojo-Lanre writes from Ibipeju Oniru Chambers, Upper Ogudu River, Irede Estate,
‌Temidire, Usi Ekiti; and can be reached on
‌‌+2348033490986; @waleojolanre and


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