By Ademu Usman Idakwo

Gentlemen of Heart Awards, GOHA, has honoured the Founder/ President of Ho-Me-I-Ku Group, Kunio Hara, with an Esteemed Honorary Patron Award, in an elegant presentation, graced by many resourceful personalities across the globe in London, United Kingdom.

The Founder/Chief Executive Officer, CEO of WOHA Foundation, Dr Desziree Richardson, disclosed this in a press statement in London.

She described the award recipient, Hara, as a notable individual, whose contributions to education worldwide, through his platform, have impacted the lives of millions of people.

Richardson said said in a statement, “Mr. Hara has influenced over 500 companies worldwide, as the inventor of the innovative Ho-Me-I-Ku teaching method.

“Mr. Hara’s involvement as the Honorary Patron of GOHA has added profound depth and significance to the event.

“His thought leadership and vast experience will undoubtedly resonate with our global audience, comprising educators, influencers, and individuals, who are passionate about personal development and positively changing the hearts and minds of the world.”

To showcase his expertise and knowledge, according to GOHA, Hara has published over 30 books, elucidating his groundbreaking educational approach.

Dr Richardson further disclosed that Hara’s ideas have garnered widespread recognition, earning him two TEDx appearances with the highest rating in 2022 and 2023.

Hara’s work was also said to have been featured in many prestigious international media outlets, including NHK World and the Japan Times.

As a gifted fellow, he was noted for captivating global audiences with unique insights and inspirational messages.

The statement added, “Mr Hara’s remarkable journey and his transformative Ho-Me-I-Ku method have made Gentlemen of Heart Award, GOHA, genuinely privileged to have his noteworthy support and to further amplify his story and accomplishments by covering this milestone as a great international leader of significance.”


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