A notorious terrorist leader, Kachalla Baleri, has mocked the Nigerian government’s supposed plan to frustrate terrorists in the country with the redesigned naira notes.

Baleri in a viral video, where he was surrounded by his men, made a show and boasted of being in possession of at least N10 million new notes, which according to him, was enough for him to buy sophisticated weapons for his monstrous activities.

The Federal Government had told Nigerians that one of the reasons for redesigning the N200, N500, and N1000 notes was to include security measures that deter terrorists from freely getting hold of the currency.

But, in a viral video, Baleri, who is said to have been the one who led the attack and kidnapping of the Greenfield University students in Kaduna in 2021, boastfully said it was a barefaced lie to claim that the naira redesign would prevent terrorists from accessing money.

Speaking in Hausa language, the dreaded terrorists’ leader said, “We are calling on leaders in Nigeria to be just and accountable to the masses.

“Today in Nigeria, we are told that the new naira redesign is in the interest of the poor. However and laughably so, poor Nigerians, whether those in the city or in rural areas are bearing the brunt of the unpopular currency policy.

“This is because many poor citizens don’t even know where the next meal will come from.

“It is a barefaced lie to claim that the naira redesign will prevent terrorists, I mean those of us they designated as terrorists from accessing money. But you can see the new notes here with us.

“It is only justice for all citizens that can bring lasting peace in this country.

“As you can see, this one is the N200 new note, this other one is the N500 and this one is the N1,000 new note. We are in the jungle but we have them.”

Boasting that he had enough of the new naira notes to buy more weapons, Baleri said that he received over N10 million of the new notes.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have been fighting themselves in banks and ATM points as the scarcity of the new naira notes persist.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, on Thursday, directed bank to pay customers new notes over the counter, subject to a maximum of N20,000, but many bank branches simply did not have cash to meet such payments.


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