By Vanessa Okwara

Ramadan is the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar seen as sacred by Muslims for which they refrain from eating, drinking and sexual activities from dawn to dusk for 29 or 30 days — depending on when a new crescent is sighted.

It is celebrated by more than one billion people worldwide. Ramadan is the first significant Muslim festival to fall during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Blessed Month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal for our Muslim brothers and sisters. It is a time for them to fully benefit from the many divine gifts that have been offered to the worshiper during this most special month.

In the spirit of the season, I will be celebrating our Muslim sisters and their fashion styles, especially in the use of Hijab.

In Islam, it is required of the female to dress modestly while encompassing modest virtues.  Modesty is the means to all beauty. The hijab is something very personal to a Muslim woman, as she wears it in obedience to her religious convictions. It is a symbolic piece worn by religious women of Islamic Faith.

Hijabs are also fashion accessories for women of Islamic faith. It is being wrapped from the head to the neck region of the body and they definitely love and appreciate this symbolic piece.

Muslim women are generally associated with modest clothing based on their religious requirement and today we will be sharing best hijab styles from fashion enthusiast.

The number one fashion rule for Muslim women is to cover their body appropriately, modesty and decency being their watchword. I believe this is where a true fashionista is born. Even with restrictions, it is commendable that they still try to achieve an enviable fashion sense.

With hijab styling, we’ve come to learn that modest fashion is so much more; it doesn’t have to be boring and it can be as chic as you wish it to be.

In all, make your own style statement with your Hijab. Every culture has its own way of wearing hijabs. Women from all across the globe choose from several different styles of wearing this headgear in a way that is unique and stands out on its own identity. So, go ahead and style your hijab the way you want!

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!!


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