By Inusa Ndahi, Maiduguri

The Vice chancellor of Nile University, based in Abuja, Professor Dili Dogo, is sponsoring a free medical outreach for the treatment of all forms of eye diseases, including surgeries where necessary and provision of eye glasses.

The Professor of Surgery disclosed this to newsmen yesterday that the free eye treatment, which targets about 500 patients is scheduled to hold between December 29 and 31, 2023, at the Marama General Hospital, in Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State.

Prof Dogo averred that the exercise is part of his personal social responsibility, as a medical doctor, who has been worried by increasing sight impairments amongst the local population.

Professor Dogo stressed that where remedies exist for certain health problems but which the common man can not afford is the push for him to offer the kind of intervention.

Eye diseases, he said, have become so rampant, especially amongst the local populace, and very often, people are not aware of where to get help or are not in a position to pay for treatment.

Professor Dogo, who also hail from Marama town, said the sponsorship of the free eye treatment is an idea he has nursed for long, and he is happy that all logistics are being put in place for the exercise.

Commenting on the development, the Caretaker Management Committee chairman, whose local government is the focal area, Mr Inuwa Bwala, commended Professor Dogo for the gesture.

He said it is noble of the Vice Chancellor to look back at where he is coming from and offer such a gesture.

Mr Bwala said he is aware the Professor has been offering helping hands to many under previledged people in the community, but the free eye care is perhaps the one that will catch public attention and endear Dogo the more, to his people.

Already, communities around Hawul are mobilising to benefit from the gesture, the chairman noted, stressing that he will be amongst the first to be tested.


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