…Insists No Room For Interim Nonsense

The Director General, DG, of the Arewa Support Movement, ASM, Alhaji Mohammed Maikano Lawal, has stated that, there is no room for any interim contraption in Nigeria come May 29, insisting that what the whole world is waiting for is the inauguration and swearing in of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and nothing more.

Speaking in Lagos on Sunday, Maikano insisted that anything short of that is antithetical to democratic norm, and such would be resisted vehemently.

The DG made the assertion during a visit to the Bab-El-Salam Orphanage Home, at GRA, Ikeja, Lagos to drop some food items to the motherless children of the home in the spirit of the Ramadan and the joy of the just concluded general election, which favoured the Movement’s principal, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President-elect.

Maikano said, “We are here in the spirit of Ramadan to visit the children, the orphans and to give them the little we can. We are also doing this in the spirit of the moment and joy of the recent election that we were involved in and we are happy that our candidates were the victorious ones and we are hoping that after May 29, 2023, when they would have been sworn-in, we believe there would be a smooth sail of governance in the country.”

When asked to comment on the rumoured interim government, he laughed sarcastically and said, “We all know the procedures, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Bola Tinubu has been elected as the next President, and we know if you have anything against that pronouncement, you can approach the court. Evidently, from the election we witnessed, we saw it was a free, fair and credible exercise.”

Speaking further, the Kano State-born Arewa community chieftain in Lagos confirmed that “we have been hearing that some sore losers are talking about an interim contraption and if you ask me, I will say that is how undemocratic they are. Nigeria has just missed a bullet!”

Explaining his reason for saying that, the vocal DG had this to say, “You can see what is happening now! How on earth can somebody, who, having vied for an electoral position and lost, would now turn round to tell the people to put up an interim government? That means such a person is very undemocratic and will subdue the will of the people for his own selfish interest. How does a few represent the interest of the rest of us? Obviously there had been an intent to sabotage the democracy the Nigerian populace have struggled for.”

He concluded by congratulating all Nigerians on the fact that “we went into an election and were able to elect the right leader for this country; at least, you can see what is happening right now.”

He wondered “why would somebody talk about wanting to put up an interim government that will erode all our democratic progress we have toiled for all this while?!”

If the sore losers are not satisfied, he advised them to approach the law court, wondering that “ironically, they have gone to court and at the same time they are coming out to make other pronouncements that are very undemocratic.”

The group DG also prayed at the mosque with the orphanage home, for the in-coming Tinubu administration and the success of its tenure.


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