By Ogochukwu Mordi Okafor

As far as Nigeria is concerned there can never be adequate provision due to the epileptic electricity power supply intertwined with lack of clean pipe-borne drinkable water in the country.

At least, in this context, these two are essentially basic. They would have been palliatives culminating into comfort for the downtrodden and hoi polloi in their homes.

Without these two basic requirements, I’m sure it’s going to be hell on earth for some folks in Nigeria at this moment, with special concern for those in the ghettos. Damn!

Ghana’s citizens are enjoying 24-hour electricity power supply and clean drinkable pipe-borne water flowing directly into everyone’s home, whether you live in a mansion in a posh area or in a one bedroom in the ghetto.

In Ghana, there’s nothing like dug wells to fetch water from, talk less of “Aboki, fetch me four garawas (gallons) of water.” Clean pipe-borne drinkable water with 24-hour electricity power supply are basic features in the country.

Note: Ghana is not an eldorado or an utopian country. They have their challenges, but at least, they are trying, running their country with shoestring finance.

The aims of the social distancing order and shutdown are to curb the spread of the deadly killer virus amongst the people and to treat those who are already infected with it.

But I tell you, like the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: “Verily verily I say unto you,” the inherent stress and gargantuan discomfort associated with the exercise are dangerous and enough to cause more damages than the Coronavirus disease itself we are fighting.

I hope our leaders have learnt from this dreadful situation that fire bridge approach is not the best way in life, but the Boys Scout motto is: “Be prepared.”

With our common wealth from the excess natural deposits in our land, and as one of the richest countries on planet earth, our successive governments have been grossly irresponsible, insensitive and heartless not to have provided low cost houses via housing schemes that would have taken a good number of people out from shacks and squalid environments. They could have also provided pipe-borne water supply to all homes, and the much needed and talked about but ridiculously shameful to us, 24-hour electricity power supply.

Nigerian leaders and vital position holders in all stratifications need to repent, wake up from vulturine slumbering, start seeing the citizens of the country as humans and be humane to them by genuinely embarking on projects that will truly alleviate the sufferings of the people, make life interesting and meaningful to live.

And not the stage-managed to loot syndrome and the illegal capital flight of our common patrimony, which stymies our development, demean and disparage us amongst committee of nations.

Honestly, Nigeria is an unserious and insane country and cannot progress if we continue with the negative trend. After all, nobody takes a pin out of this world.

•Okafor writes from Tema, Ghana


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