A Nigerian doctor, treating COVID-19 patients at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State, has tested positive for the pandemic.
Making this revelation was the President of the National Association of Resident Doctors, NARD, Dr. Aliyu Sokomba, during a Channels Television programme.

Sokomba, who was on the television show to speak on Nigeria’s health, said that at the moment, six doctors had died of Lassa fever, while one unnamed doctor had been infected with COVID-19.

He said, “At the moment, as health workers continue to play their part in containing the spread of the disease, the health workers are not protected. One of our colleagues died just yesterday from Lassa fever. This is the state of our health care institutions and that is the fate of most health care workers in the country.

“Just yesterday again, one of our doctors in Irrua Specialist Hospital, Irrua, Edo State, had tested positive for the COVID-19 disease. What that means is that these doctors that are testing positive to various diseases are being left alone to take care of themselves.”

Sokomba disclosed that medical doctors in Nigeria have no form of insurance or compensation in the event of an unfortunate occurrence while on duty.

He added, “There is no form of life insurance for them. There is no form of compensation. To say the least, what these doctors benefit at the end of every month as hazard allowance is N5,000. So, we are worried that if victory against COVID-19, Lassa fever outbreak in the country is to be achieved, the welfare and wellbeing of doctors and other health workers who are on the frontline must be secured.”

With this development, Edo State has two confirmed cases of Coronavirus. The first is the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Frank Okiye.


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