The Christ Miracle Church Mission, CMCM, Worldwide has donated N4.7 million to six state governments to assist them in their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

President of the CMCM, Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi, gave a breakdown of the recipient states at a press briefing in Lagos, where he announced the first phase of the cash donations to the six state governments.

According to the breakdown by Prophet Adebisi, Lagos State government got the lion share of N2 million; while Ogun State got N1 million; Osun State would get N750,000; Ekiti State’s share is N500,000 while Oyo and Ondo states would receive N250,000 each.

Prophet Adebisi reiterated that COVID-19 has not only become a global health challenge, but government must not be left alone to tackle it.

The cleric added that the fight to curb the virus would stretch governments financially if there was no help coming from outside the government circle.

Adebisi said, “God is love and He cannot destroy what He created. He is not a destroyer neither a killer. The coronavirus disease that is killing people today is not made by God; it is man-made.

 “We arrived at donation figures based on the record we have on ground, although it is changing from information we are receiving. But from the next phase, by the special grace of God, as He is helping us, we still plan to do more.

“My message to my country and the world is that Coronavirus is real and people are dying as a result. Government has told us to take personal hygiene serious by washing hands regularly, and keeping ourselves away from crowded area and infected patient. This is no time for merry making. This is a good time to pray for the country and its people and we must educate the people around us.”

He further called attention to what is happening in advanced countries with all their scientific breakthroughs in the field of science, adding, “That is why I was touched when I saw what Babajide Sanwo-Olu  is doing  in Lagos, to feed the needy. I feel like crying and that’s why our church resolved to donate the little we can to support what the state government is doing. It is laudable. The governor is trying his possible best to stop the spread of the disease in the most populated state in Nigeria.”


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