By Owolola Adebola

It is a new dawn in Akoko North-East/North-West federal constituency of Ondo State, as a political heavyweight, Prince Daniel Omolola, made it known to his teeming followers that his coming in as the representative of the people would pave way for radical changes in all areas of life.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent at Ogbagi Akoko, his home town, soft spoken Omolola, informed that, he had already prioritised the needs and aspirations of the constituents in a way that no one would be left out in the scheme of things.

He said, “Iam a grassroots person. I grew up here and I know what is good for my people. I know what is better for my constituents. And what we want is nothing but the best.”

As a formidable contender who knows his onions, Prince Omolola said that when voted to power, his focus would be on strategic development and improved governance that would ultimately usher in the much-desired dividends for the betterment of his people.

He enthused, “Pitching my tent with the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is not by accident. It is an inclusive thing. Ours is a political party that is aiming at creating a future where constituents thrive and prosper. It is my resolve to improve on the existing structures by building more bridges for a better tomorrow – a tomorrow where everyone can enjoy an enhanced ease of life by transforming infrastructure for seamless living.”

Light complexioned Omolola, who appears to recognize the vital role that robust and efficient infrastructure plays in improving the livelihoods of constituents pledged to champion significant infrastructural development, encompassing road networks, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and a reliable power supply.

He added, “By investing in these critical sectors, I aim to alleviate transportation challenges, enhance access to quality healthcare and education, and provide a conducive environment for economic growth without jettisioning the security of our people, as no meaningful development can be put in a place where there is insecurity.”

Responding to a question, Prince Omolola noted that there would be sustainable economic growth and job creation, “because, in as much I have developed a comprehensive plan to bolster unsurpassed opportunities for my constituents in the area of small and medium enterprises, all other things shall follow.

“I know they are achievable by providing enabling environment for investments on the one hand and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship on the other hand.

“By doing this, I would be stimulatibg the local economy for the betterment of our people.”

Asked to share his thoughts on education, if finally elected to represent his people, hard-working Omolola enthused, “It is my plan and resolve to collaborate with relevant and interested stakeholders to establish vocational training centers with the necessary tools, so that school leavers could be their own masters in the nearest future. Yes, I hope to equip constituents with in-demand skills for better employment prospects without losing focus.

“And through these initiatives, we shall, in a way, be reducing poverty, creating employment opportunities, and consequently uplifting the standards of living in the constituency.

“You should bear in mind that education is a fundamental right and a stepping stone towards a brighter future. I hope to place greater emphasis on transforming the educational landscape within the constituency. This would be achieved through improved access to quality educational materials, by revamping existing schools, constructing new facilities, and equipping classrooms with modern teaching aids.

“Additionally, I intend to initiate scholarship programs to support indigent students, so that financial constraints do not hinder or impede their educational pursuits. Through these interventions, I shall be empowering the younger generations with the necessary tools for success.”


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