…Says Naira’ll Be Redesigned, Made Stronger

…Calabar Gospel Collosus’ll Die

…Pastor Noted For False Teachings’ll Be Beaten Up

…Wayward Young Girls’ll Disappear Mysteriously

…C’River Gov’ll Lose Close Aide, Unless…

By Nsan Ndoma-Neji, Calabar

Celebrated Calabar pastor and founder and General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International, CCCI, also know as Faith Mansion World Headquarters, Calabar, Bishop Emmah Isong, on New Year eve released his annual prophecies, saying that the Senate President will face another legal battle this year.

The battle, he said, would be a fall-out of an old political case which would be dusted and brought back for fresh trial, insisting that documents on the old case would be brought out against him.

Isong, who is also the National Publicity Secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, also predicted that a renowned Calabar-baser preacher Calabar will die this year. He did not give details on the preacher, but said the man was a colossus.

Recall that virtually all prophecies released by Isong have come to pass, including the one on the emergence of late President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, as well as the one he gave on plane crash that occurred more than 15 years ago.

Isong also prophesied about COVID-19, when he said that a strange sickness would hit the world, that would require constant hand washing.

The pastor also told the crowd at the end of year service that the Cross River State governor, Senator Bassey Otu, should pray against a situation that he would have to call for a day of mourning in the state, over one of his close aides.

Still on Cross River State, he said the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Elvert Ayambem, will go through some turmoil, following a plot that has been hatched against him for sometime now.

The international evangelist spoke on what would befall a certain preacher, whom he said was known for false teachings. The pastor, he said, would be beaten up this year, even though he would wish that he should not be beaten. He did not mention the pastor’s name.

Isong also prophesied about what would happen to young Nigerian girls, saying some of them would disappear without trace, if they refused to change.

He also prophesied that the Lord said 2024 shall be year of “establishment and settlement,” according to 1 Peter 5 verse 10, adding, “We have suffered enough. Nigerians would be settled in 2024, in their offices, ministries, marriages, homes, etc. People who have not had children, God will settle them with children. Those who have been cheated and jilted in life shall be settled.

He said Nigerians should embark on three things this year: singing and praising God always, sacrificial sowing and reaping, wisdom and planning.

He said that in 2024, in comparison to what is obtainable now, Nigerian b asking system would experience globalization, with heavy improvements, improved standards of banking customer services and expectations.

He said, “The Lord is going to raise up a female minister of the gospel in this country to shake the leadership. God is disappointed in the men who are timid and quiet, a ‘mad’ and bold woman of God. She will so shake this nation, and nobody will do her any harm. The Lord will protect and keep her to speak the mind of God.

“There will be conscious effort by the Federal Government to ensure that Nigeria is not a dumping ground for China and other industrialized nations; a lot of banning of some Chinese and foreign products. Importers should brace up in 2024.

“The Nigerian military will continually set up a sort of task force to clamp down on wrong use of military uniforms. Very tactical policies against use their uniforms for criminal purposes.

“Pray for the Lord’s protection on a former First Lady in this country, in one of the known states. She will have a very challenging year.

“Pray for a continuous cordial and brotherly relationship between Nigeria and Ghana. Few issues are going to crop up and they will be a lot of xenophobia, trying to fight ‘Nigerians misbehaviour in Ghana.’

“The year 2024 of course will be a wonderful year for fathers and mentors of faith to visit Nigeria, indeed our the City of Testimonies. The church will be so blessed delightful, by these continuous visits and impartation never seen before.”

The GO also foresaw a terrible release of obnoxious laws against Christianity, insisting that some anti-Christ-like laws trying to clamp down on churches and places of worship would be enacted, but it shall be exposed and resisted.

He said, “God is telling us to watch and pray against forces hindering the expansion of the kingdom of God.

He predicted, “Revival of evangelism, as more than 300 young men and women are released into missions. One of the greatest revival we have experienced in Cross River, Akwa Ibom and South-South. Get ready for revival.

“2024 is a year of completion of uncompleted projects. Lord gives grace to complete many abandoned personal, state, federal projects in 2024.

“The year will be challenging to those who do not know how to give to God, but for sowers in the kingdom, it would be a year of financial breakthrough. This year, God will pay you back. Receive grace for breakthrough.

“Coconut is our fruit of the year – buy it, plant it, harvest it, drink the water in it and eat it. This year is a year of coconut. It can be your greatest health secret.

“The rains will come, but for those who are not well prepared, the rains will fall at wrong times. Only God created the seasons and no man can predict.”

Isong admonished Nigerians to bind the spirit of violence and inter-tribal wars amongst communities in Nigeria, beginning from the Middle Belt to Northern or Central Cross River State.

He enthused, “Do not just be a businessman, be a wise man.The Lord says, take advantage of the Federal Government series of policies on interactive seminars on economy and promote your business.

“There is going to be a lot of sponsored seminars and activities. Study the budget and understand it, like a good footballer.

“There is going to be a major intervention in the Russia-Ukraine War, and in three other locations of wars in the world, though it will come as a temporary peace, but the Lord will use that window of mediation for peace and tranquility in those regions.

“Continous increase of insecurity around small business owners, pilferings, stealings, vandalizations and burglaries, please ensure security and be watchful.”

He also urged Nigerians to pray for a lot of public and sports places against terrorist panic, though some would be found to be false alarm.

On the new naira note, the cleric said, “They have not finished redesigning the naira notes, there is still some changes to come in the naira currency, but its going to look more beautiful, colourful and reddish, something like the dollars bills. The once bastardized naira shall be restored both in outlook and value to the excitement of the public.

He also predicted huge interventions to the disabled, physically challenged, especially the albinos in the year.

He said that Cross River State contingent of sports will do very well, and this increase tourism activities in the state.

Other prophecies by the man of God include: Praying for February 17th 2024, that the Lord will not allow evil on that day; a lot of miracle pregnancies in 2024 for women who have lost hope and many marriages that have been waiting and praying; former Governor Ben Ayade will be called up to a political high table, not because of his righteousness, but because of his heart for the poor. I saw it very clearly it will come to pass.

He also charged Nigerians to be merciful and kind in 2024 and learn to tolerate, endure and forgive people that may offend them.

He said, “If they say ‘I’m sorry,’ forgive. Vengeance is the Lord’s.

“In the middle of the year a false book may come out, a very powerful novel, a motivational book. It will come like in three parts, made very popular by the globalists. Almost as the Harry Potter books, launched internationally. Everyone wants to read, but the book wishes to unveil the plans and purposes of the anti-Christ to indoctrinate the young generation and promote homosexuality and witchcraft. The Lord shall not do anything except he tells it to his servant, the prophet.”


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