In its bid to reinforce the safety guidelines in preparation for schools reopening as instructed by the Lagos State governor, Babajide Snawo-Olu, the Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, through the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, LASUBEBE, has distributed sanitary items to all public primary schools in Lagos State.

Executive Chairman LASUBEB, Hon Wahab Alawiye-King, delivery his speech at the programne.

Items distributed include: hand washing liquid soap, sanitizers, basins, and buckets. Also, battery-powered radio sets are given to 60 indigent pupils per Local Government Education Authority through the Education Secretaries to aid participation in the learn at home radio programmes.

Lagos State Coordinator and representative of UBEC Executive Secretary, Mr. Alabi Baba Asaju, giving his remarks.

Speaking at the presentation, the Executive Chairman of LASUBEB, Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King, said that the Federal and state governments are determined to be resilient in ensuring the safety of pupils and other educational stakeholders, as the first phase of school reopening commences.

He noted that the sanitary items, funded by UBEC, will not only buffer the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the schools, but also help the pupils and teachers stay healthy.

LASUBEB Chairman, Hon. Alawiye-King, handing over a radio set to one of the pupils.

Appreciating the UBEC and the Lagos State government for facilitating and supporting the distribution of the materials, Alawiye-King explained that the Board is also complementing its blended learning approach by distributing battery-powered transistor radio to pupils to learn more through the Board’s Interactive Radio Instructional Programme.

Education Secretary, Ikeja LGEA, Comrade Akeem Amosu, receiving one of the sanitary item from LASUBEB Executive Chairman, Hon Alawiye-King.

Permanent board member in-charge of Co-curricular Department, Hon. Sherifat Adedoyin, said that in response to the yearning of the pupils on school resumption, LASUBEB has put in place safety measures through the provision of sanitary materials to all public primary schools.

She said, “The doors of physical learning and teaching have been shut against the children due to the pandemic. However, there is a limit to the length of keeping the children off schooling and this calls for a balance between life and educational needs of our pupils.”

Pupils displaying their radio sets.

Lagos State coordinator for UBEC, Mr. Alabi Baba Asaju, who represented the Executive Secretary of UBEC, Dr. Hammid Boboyi, commended the Lagos State government on its effort in containing the pandemic and appealed to the Education Secretaries to ensure the proper usage of the materials with safety preventive protocols of COVID-19 in all primary schools in the state.


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