By Professor Akitoye-Rhodes

In a desperate, vicious piece of journalistic trash, one Ayobami Olu-Peters, apparently working for his not so veiled masters, cooked up all kinds of childish, unverifiable balderdash in a failed attempt to rub odium on the person of Chief Olabode George.

From the title which will not dignified with a mention here to the body of the story itself, the whole piece was untidy, illogical scribble dreams of yellow, crude and unpolished hack job.

Olu-Peters’ work is not journalism. It is a grubby piece of mercenary agenda apparently scripted from the depths of Bourdillon.

Salient Fact: Bode George was not an Executive Chairman of NPA. The charges against him were frivolous, politically motivated, deliberately conspired by some dubious league of little, grubby characters. And what’s more, the contract was not even awarded. Isn’t it absurd that you will convict an innocent for a crime that did not take place at all?

Salient Fact: Chief Bode George was ultimately discharged and acquitted by a unanimous Supreme Court judgment, which emphasized clearly that the case against Bode George and others should not have been brought to court at all because it has no merit and was full of lacunae.

Salient Fact: It was during the tenure of Chief Bode George at NPA that a novel concession program was introduced which is still generating millions of dollars for the government every month. The concession removed the custom of idling government properties and activated them into buoyant commercial enterprises. And yet Bode George did not contribute anything to NPA? Balderdash!

*Akitoye-Rhodes, Chairman of Lagos Collectives, writes from Lagos.


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