By Iyiola Aina

Reading through a jaundiced piece, authored by one Steve Oliyide, who claimed to have been a political activist and member of the Otunba Gbenga Daniel, OGD, political family, one could seamlessly deduce a rudderless thought lacking in coordination.

While the import of his vituperation denotes mentality of a retrogressive ideology in a deceitful regalia of political activism, his line of thought clearly gives him out as a political jobber, with character of inordinate entitlement.

Since the obvious capacity of his thinking precludes logic and reality, it’s therefore, imperative to educate and whip the element back to line without necessarily joining issues with him.

To set the record straight, the administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun has been objectively adjudged as the best in the history of Ogun State, in terms of inclusive governance and developmental drive, even in the face of inherited mess, occasioned by bad leadership of his immediate predecessor.

The governor, over the last three years and some months, has proven to be a leader with clear understanding of good governance and democratic ethos, beyond the shenanigans of his avowed antagonists like Oliyide.

Despite the prevailing economic challenges facing the world in general, in which Nigeria and particularly, Ogun State, is not an exception, Governor Abiodun had since the inception of his tenure embarked on pro-people policies that have brought about sustainable growth and promising future.

Unlike some of his predecessors, Prince Abiodun will not open the vault of the state frolicking for political patronage at the detriment of the preponderant interests of the people of the state, in the way jobbers like Oliyide had wanted him to do.

Of course, Governor Abiodun convincingly understands the dynamics of political mobilization and engagement, he is a meticulous leader, who takes decision on issues without emotion and selfish consideration, but in line with the superior interests of the people.

Contrary to fallacious perception of Oliyide and his cohorts, and probably because he has relocated to his father’s land in Ibadan, Prince Abiodun had treated the civil servants in the state with utmost respect and honour, prioritizing their welfare and wellbeing far better than and above some of his predecessors and in tandem with the reality of the state’s financial capacity.

It’s interesting that majority of civil servants in the state, who are clear-headed enough to mark a difference between deceptive administration of yesterday and what the present administration in the state represents, solidly stand with their governor.

Meanwhile, Oliyide should be bold enough to tell us the euphoria among the people of his former community in Ijoko-Ota, concerning the construction of roads along the corridor, and their understanding of the genuine pattern of the project, coupled with the assurance from the governor to complete every road network in their axis

The conception of “solid public rejection,” as stated by Oliyide in his epistle is just a mere product of imagination by an impostor of his kind, who hides under a blanket of activism to pursue selfish political agenda.

May be Oliyide didn’t know that we are aware of his political leaning and interest, where he, without conviction, but for the purpose of crumbs, pitched his tent with rebellious team in African Democratic Congress, ADC, led by a despotic former governor of the state and senator representing Ogun Central, Ibikunle Amosun.

While Oliyide and his co-travellers in the ADC have every legitimate right to choose their political family and caucus, they should be aware that the people of Ogun State are too sophisticated and enlightened to be deceived by cheap blackmail and propaganda like this type.

The reality on ground in Ogun State is that the teeming electorate are more than determined to return Prince Abiodun as the governor of the state for the next four years, having painstakingly studied the political atmosphere and detected the deceit and shenanigans of the opposition in comparison with focused and pragmatic leadership provided by Abiodun in the last few years of his government.

•Aina writes from Ota, Ogun State.

Late Mrs Josephine Alo Inuyashi Burial


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