By Our Correspondent

A renown Lagos land broker, Alhaji Abiodun Ishola Ejigbadero, has denied some spurious allegations being peddled about him by some of his detractors, saying that the allegations are figments of their imaginations.

Ejigbadero made this known while speaking with journalists in Lagos, through his solicitor, Chief Adekunle Funmilayo, insisting that there was never a time he was charged for arson, conspiracy to murder, land grabbing, unlawful possession of firearms or any such grievous offences as claimed in the reports by some online publications.

Chief Funmilayo said that his client was never remanded in prison custody, adding that the character assassination of and outright falsehood about his client have gone viral to tarnish his image.

He said that Ejigbadero has several land disputes with people in courts and in the majority of the cases, he is the claimant.

Funmilayo said, “He has gotten judgements in several superior courts and those who lost in the courts orchestrated lies and rumours to spoil and tarnish his growing image.

“Alhaji Ejigbadero is a consumate businessman and legitimate property broker, who has never been involved in any crime and was never charged to court until the recent assault charges, where he was immediately granted bail by the court, being a simple bailable offence.

“We believe justice shall prevail at the end in the assault charges and we urge the public to discountenance all lies that he was remanded in prison or that he was facing such serious charges in court.”

He further emphasised that Ejigbadero was never remanded in prison and that all the spurious allegations against him are orchestrated lies and rumours to spoil and tarnish his growing image.

The solicitor said that machinery has been set in motion to pursue claims against the media that are tarnishing Ejigbadero’s image and warn others to avoid the legal liabilities of defamation of character.


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