By Ademola Soetan

The so-called oil subsidy in Nigeria is like when a foolish family plants acres of beans, sells all their harvest cheaply, without reserving any to cook and eat regularly, and they later start to buy with complaint cooked beans at exorbitant price to eat at home.

In as much as government refuses to refine crude oil at home by making refineries work and build more refineries as promised by Candidate Muhammadu Buhari and President Buhari, but it’s well disposed to importation of refined fuel, the so-called oil-subsidy will continue ad-infinitum to fuel the mega corruption going on in the oil industry and in government.

Those who are talking of “final removal of oil subsidy,” an old sing-song by previous governments, but now upgraded as a national anthem by this regime, without public refineries, are only day dreaming, since the nation doesn’t have control over the international oil dollar market.

When the nightmare comes with mega social crisis, we will all see how not to be stupid. Unfortunately, the Buhari regime may escape the impending social inferno and the next government will hear it well, well, it may even lead to government and system collapse.

•Soetan can be reached on 08037207856.

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