A non-governmental organization, Nigeria Peace Advocacy Group, NPAG, has thrown its weight behind Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu over his renewed battle against the second wave of the dreaded Coronavirus, saying, complacency can be very dangerous.

In a statement at the weekend the Convener of NPAG, Comrade Omolola Olukayode, said that the case of COVID-19 world over cannot be handled with levity because of its lethal effects on the people, reminding that, advanced nations like Germany and other European countries that are medically in the forefront are already experiencing the second lock down over the pandemic.

Reminding that prevention is better and even cheaper than cure, Comrade Olukayode admonished the people of Lagos State to heed the advice of the governor to avoid needless spread of the monster after his great efforts to save the state and the whole nation from devastating effect of the pandemic.

Olukayode reasoned with the governor over the erroneous perception that the danger of the pandemic is over with its first defeat, warning that health experts all over the world are unanimous in their researches and conclusion that the stubborn disease is always deadlier in its second coming and so precautions must be adequately taken.

Lending his weight behind the governor’s claim that, “this second wave calls for a full re-awakening of caution and precaution,” and the need to do away with the complacency that crept in over the last few months, the NPAG Convener advised the people to as a matter of urgency give way to an abundance of vigilance because it is not over until it is properly over.

Olukayode therefore stressed the importance of the need to maintain the guidelines that had been put in place to protect the people from the ravages of COVID-19 to avoid a reversal of the gains the state has made against the pandemic, just as he solicited support and cooperation of the people for a safer and healthy environment.

Concluding, the youth leader reminded the need for social distancing, washing of hands, the use of sanitizer, keeping away from crowded places and wearing of mask always, wondering how these simple preventive measures are too difficult for people to observe!

Concluding, the NPAG boss thanked God for Sanwo-Olu’s life as he is reported to be responding rapidly to treatment and wished him quickest recovery so that he can come back to office, adding that, “his team of capable hands also deserve commendation for keeping the job going in their leader’s absence.”


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