By Abire Sunday Olugbenga
Man is ruled by the choices he has made in life. It’s impossible to see anyone who hasn’t made any choice in life. The choice to live or die, marry or remain single, have kids or stay childless, eat or starve, sleep or not, walk, run or crawl etc. Choices are endless and everyone must make a choice. In fact, not making a choice is a choice itself. We are the direct result of the choices we made or didn’t make. No man has ever lived beyond his choices. This corresponds with the ancient truism that our destiny is in our hands.
God has given man the liberty to make choices in life.
The choice of who becomes one’s leader(s) is an important choice in life. Truth is, you will become a direct replica of who leads you through modeling. In thoughts, actions, dressing, and whatever you can think of, your life changes to be almost one and the same with that of your leader(s). Check the Awoist today. They behave exactly like chief Obafemi Awolowo. They carry his traits with them even when he had long departed to the world unseen. The disciples of Jesus Christ assumed a new nomenclature due to the way their lives were patterned after their leader. Everywhere in the world, true followership is rooted in the replication of the totality of the leader’s ways of life.
From the foregoing, it’s clear that a follower is as good as the leader he chooses to roll with since no one has ever given what he doesn’t have. This is the real reason why most followers cannot grow beyond the latitude of space provided by their leaders. This accounts for why most good men are suddenly transfigured to terrible men because of their romance with bad leaders who have impressed negativity into their lives.
When a sheep chooses to romance a dog, you know what our elders told us would be the resultant effect of such unequaled union.
I chose Ade Adeogun, a beautiful brand as my leader because I hope to be a replica of him. I roll with a man whose humility is contagious. I have a leader who is 21st century compliant. I follow a man who can turn things around for good. I am with a champion who is super intelligent and can never be pushed aside by his peers anywhere in the world. I am pleased to announce my leader whose gait and mien are beyond the reach of ordinary men. My leader doesn’t look for crumbs. He’s well oiled by the invincible hand of God. My leader is a threat to lily livered men who have refused to help themselves in life. Ade Adeogun is not arrogant. He’s compassionate and respectful.
My leader is accommodating. He’s not sectional and has nothing to fear. My leader is loyal not because people deserve it but because he was brought up to be. Ade Adeogun is a reformer and there are evidences to corroborate that fact. His stellar contributions to nation building is evident wherever he has served. Ade Adeogun turns a moribund Rivers State Waste Management Agency to a money making agency. He touches a thing and revival comes. I have chosen this champion. I can’t ask for anything less than excellence. Ade Adeogun is my leader and I chose him intentionally.


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