Mother of Mrs. Roli George, wife of former Deputy national Chairman, South of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Atona Oodua of Yorubaland, Chief Olabode George, Mama Daisy Madedor, has transited into eternal glory. She died on Sunday, 23rd August 2020 at the age of 88.

A release issued by the former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP, and the Atoona Oodua of Yorubaland, Chief George said, “Mama Daisy Madedor transited to eternal glory in peace, fulfilled, accomplished, true to herself, true to her husband and true to her family.”

Born in 1932, Mama Madedor was a well-trained professional nurse, who studied in England but chose to come back home as a pioneering member of the Lagos health care services; the very few and the brave who gave their lives to give comfort, joy, happiness and the curative healthiness to the poor, the impoverished and the unfortunate.

She was married for more than 60 years to an equally devoted husband, Dr Madedor, a distinguished engineer, wonderful father of an household of accomplished, lovable children.

George said, “Mama Madedor combined her humanitarian, healthcare profession with a staunch devotion to her Christian faith.

“She was an unfailing believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. She cultivated the humility, the kindness, the love, the selflessness and the sacrifice of the great Nazarene with strong attestations. This much Christian devotion and love radiated and manifested genuinely among her Children.”

Describing his late mother – in – law, George said, “She was infinitely woven right from childhood as one who cared for others. She was instinctively defined in a natural humanitarian streak, always looking out for the comfort and the wellbeing of everyone even far beyond her immediate family.”

He added that she was loving, devoted to the human cause, dedicated to the upliftment of the human race adding, “It was obvious then that the trajectory of her life would take her towards the health care profession.”

“She gave love and hope where there was hopelessness. She gave dignity and honour where all was emptiness and vacancy. She healed the wounds and mended the broken places.”

Insisting that Mama Madedor lived a good, worthy life and has fulfilled her cause on Mother Earth, George concluded, “She lived a life as prescribed by Christ. She was dutiful, caring, full of grace, genuine, humble, defined in the holiest of heart’s affection.”

She was survived by her husband, Engineer Madedor and five children.

George, however, said that the burial arrangements for his late mother-in-law would be announced later.


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