By Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu

Against all structures of rational largeness, against all known canons of ethical balance and normative sanity, against all the firm strictures of societal moral gauge, against all the defining mediation between crude demagoguery and the polished light of resolved statesmanship – they chose the darkness and the pits!

Trump; failed, defeated, trounced by a large majority. But the muddled bigoted character refuses to go, still clings to a mirage, abetted by the crude silence of those who ought to know better.

The luster of old days is now gone. The glittering radiance of liberty is now darkened. The once enamored free spirit of multicultural pivot that had enriched and strengthened the republic in wondrous visions and the magnificence of the greatest nation, since Rome is frittered and tarnished, stained by the grubby populism of a most monstrous fascistic emblem since Mussolini seized the pale and enfeebled honor of a forfeited nation.

Their values no longer ennobled. Their banner is reduced in reverence, diminished in evocative citation. Their loud, vigorous portraits of truth and wisdom are stunned and frozen, immobilized by the virtual arrogance of the prevailing ills.

In their temples of representative liberty, in their hallowed chambers, where voices had roared in clashing contests of obligatory plural contributions, there is an awkward stillness of thought and deliberation.

There is a cluttering of spirit and contemplation. There is a dazed unknown; a chastening unbelievability disrupting all the endearing tenets of old.

Little men in ill-fitting majesty now bark and growl in stolen power, thundering in aroused autocracy, widening the sectarian divisions, deepening discord and bigotry, mocking all that is fair and just, savaging all the sacred illustrations that once enhanced the greatness of a now distorted society.

But, voices are now rising from slumber and the indifference that created this deranged hour. From the pained and the rebellious conscience of Berkeley to the untamed, vigorous spectacles of Manhattan, there is a sweeping reproach of the grim new order. From the rolling prairies of the Mississippi River valley to the huge thickets and swamps of the deepest recesses of Florida, there is that knowing awareness that there is an errant lunacy in the configurations of the state, a flawed aberrational mightiness in the general order.

Spurred by the strong chord of human linkages that binds our common values; that confirms our collective aspirations; that testifies to the sameness of the human purpose to dream, to pursue our desires, to kindle hope, to assert ambition without hindrance, to live without fear or the scourge of stigma – men and women of conscionable pivot are now sworn to pit themselves against the abuse of the moment, resolved and absolute in rectifying the festering wrongs.

The coalition of righteousness and the truth is now widening far beyond the partisan coloration. In pockets of solitary rebellion, in swells and stretches of massive pitting against a volcanic, disruptive mockery of all sacred principles, the resistance against a chaotic authoritarian madness is rising swift and fast, rolling from the Redwood forest of Northern California far into the fresh waters of the New England states.

Once divided and riven circles are now cleaving in brethren certitudes and passionate alert, resolved in sworn unity, relentless and undeterred, renewed in that unflagging fixity to restore the eroding liberty and dismantle the arbiter’s growing venom.

Trump is gone !

The corrosive intrusions into the temples of justice are equally rebuffed, defied and chastened by honorable emblems, who in quiet strength and firm, consistent energy still choose to stand in the dutiful repose of constitutional purity, uncowed and unbowed by the rampages of an inchoate tyranny.

Trump is gone !

And the Fourth Estate of the realm, which more than any other organ of the democratic appreciation, has borne the often deranged and uncoordinated lash of a muddled and insanely conflicted man, has remained true and steady, vigorous in that prompt alert to inform, to probe and challenge the withdrawal into the dark terrors of licentious arbitration.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr has come !

And thus, as voices rise and independent consciences are animated in their collective defense of democratic appropriateness, the crude arbiter is increasingly wobbly and distressed, confused in the primitive tantrums of a harried, stripped and shorn autocrat, confronted with the reality that great republics are not governed by the whims and the holler of one crazed despot, but by the consensus and the equitable contributions that finely mould the appropriate balance of the democratic forces.

Yes. Trump is gone !

The crass notion of one man, one truth, one vision and one caprice has never been known to spur societal enhancement, or the delicate but sturdy filigrees of developmental graces. No. The unitary cordon of reality, the unrestrained, sweeping inhabitation in personal malignity pretending wisdom is not exactly an outlet of progressive triumphalism.

Trump is a dark transient aberration, whose sun is now set, despite his irrational contumacy.

It is a recipe for ruin and forfeiture, a degenerative slide into the backwaters of the rule of caprice and the iron fist with all its attendant bleakness of unrepresentative usurpation.

The once great Republic is but a shadow of yore, a barren, skeletal hollowness, mocked before the world; scourged and trampled by a distorted tyrant now whipped, ousted by the will of a democratic people. Aaaah, Trump is gone. Perhaps the mutation can be reversed. Perhaps!

The old dawn has closed. The verities of yesterday are now but faint, distant chimera. But there is a new hope, a new rising, even amid the tarnished contumacy of a roguish power.

•Shodipe-Dosunmu, a former Chief Executive Officer of the defunct Eko Today newspaper, writes from Lagos.


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